Bugs Crush - Bee The Swarm


Flappy Bee - Bee The Swarm

Fly Bee Fly! Little Bee is flopping in the windy breeze fighting to survive to the end! Help this Bee flap his tiny wings to win the game. See what all the buzz is about!


Stack The Dots! - BEE THE SWARM

Try to catch all the dots as they fall from the sky! Catch as many as you can. This is an arcade puzzle game built for your mobile phone. Use strategy and wits to master the challenge and be a star player! 



ZomBees is a first-person shooter that follows Pheebee and her friends through the zombee apocolypse. Help PheeBee and other Bee Heroes fend off undead bees, terrifying bugs, and navigate their new post-apocalyptic world. 


2048 - Bee The Swarm

The objective of this addicting game is to combine like-numbered tiles and get to the 2048 tile. And if you are one of those genius types, you can go even higher (4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536) or even break a world record and get to the 131072 tile! Are you up to the challenge?