This week we are spotlighting Zyaldar 

Working in the industry for over 2 years now, I have not come across a more dedicated, caring, and well rounded individual as Todd.  He has raised over $7000 dollars since he has started his Extra Life campaign, and is one of the top earners of bees on the swarm network.  I talked with Todd cough... (Zyaldar) about writing a spotlight.  Of course he was super excited to contribute.  Here are some of his responses to questions I asked. 

Where does your name Zyaldar come from?

There's actually a long story behind my name. It all started when I was about in 2nd grade, probably about 8 or 9 (I honestly don't know how old.) I used to go to a summer camp where I had a really good friend that would tell me all about these amazing games. One game in particular I wanted so bad called Asheron's Call (It's an MMORPG like Ever Quest, which I believe came out before EQ did.) I never heard of a game where you can play online with other people before so naturally I wanted it! Sadly my parents wouldn't allow me to get this game because we had dial-up internet and they always needed the phone to not be tied up. I was so hopeful back then that my friend told me to come up with a username. It took me about a week but I finally came up with Slayer!

Now back then I was an ignorant kid and I thought that name belonged to me. Little did I know it was actually a popular name. I never got the game but I kept the name with me growing up and using it with everything. Unfortunately I had to add numbers to it so I added my favorite number 176 (coincidentally that was also the number for Cartoon Network). Everywhere I went I was either Slayer or Slayer176. As I got older and played more games online I naturally met more and more people. Usually when they saw my name they would say, "Slayer? You mean like the band?" or "One of my favorite animes is The Slayers too!" 

I got so irritated with that... until one day in high school I decided to change my online name. During my high school years I was big into Role Playing online with friends. So much so that I even created a couple characters with well thought out back stories. At that time I looked at my name, Slayer, and wanted something more original to me. I played around with some letters and BOOM! Zyaldar was created! Since then I have been Zyaldar ever since on everything! 

What games do you play?
I like to consider myself a variety gamer/streamer. I don't just play a specific game or even lean towards a specific platform. I am a console gamer as well as a PC gamer. I play anything from RPGs (My favorite), platformers, FPS, puzzle, adventure, etc... There's barely anything that I will not be willing to give a chance.

What is the #100DaysOfGaming Challenge?
The 100 Days Of Gaming challenge was created by a fellow Extra Life member, HeroByClicking. In this challenge you play games for 100 days and if possible play a different game every day. Typically pick games that you have never tried before or played in several years. The point of this challenge is to help promote and bring about curiosity about Extra Life. The challenge typically starts 100 days before the big game day but other Extra Lifers have started sooner then that. The important thing is to bring about awareness to Extra Life. 

Is this rewarding for you?

The biggest rewarding experience to me is being able to do what I love, playing games, and showing the world that it can be used as a positive influence. A lot of people still think gaming is a waste of time but I want to show them that there are so many benefits from gaming. Not only can we use them to help raise money for our children’s hospitals but they help develop skills and ways of thinking that other means cannot provide.

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What is twitch you may ask?

Twitch is a community where millions of people and thousands of interests collide in a beautiful explosion of video games, pop culture, and conversation. With chat built into every stream, you don’t just watch on Twitch, you’re a part of the show. From classic tv show marathons to esports tournaments, if you can imagine it, it’s probably live on Twitch right now.

He is also very active on Twitter, and commands a large following and influnces many people to do good!  Follow him here: Zyaldar's Twitter


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