We want $5,000 for a Camel

  Just kidding. WE don’t want $5,000 for a camel, the Wildlife Conservation Network does. And it’s not for one camel, but for three, and for an amazing cause. The camels will be used to protect the endangered and stunning Grevy’s Zebra located in areas of East Africa.

The Grevy’s Zebra’s population is now listed as being approximately 2,500 left in the world. Even worse, they have had a 80% population decrease in the last 20 years. If nothing is done, the Grevy’s Zebra could become extinct in the near future. The most devastating fact is that the primary cause of reduction in their population numbers is due to hunting.


That’s where the camels come in. The camels will be given to the Samburu warriors in Laismis, Kenya, through a program conducted by Grevy’s Zebra Trust. Samburu warriors, who are often aged 16-26 serve a protective function for their tribes by protecting their family’s livestock assets. One of those Samburu warriors, Lmedimi, is pictured below.

In the picture, Lmedimi is pointing to an area he often sees Grevy’s Zebra and conducts his patrols. Having a camel allows Lmedimi to patrol a much larger area, and gives him the ability to initiate a quick response if a zebra is injured or in danger.

Photo Credit: Grevy's Zebra Trust

At Bee The Swarm, we want to help! Or rather, we want you to help us help the Grevy’s Zebra! And we are going to do it all by playing video games. We will be donating 100% of our revenue from ZomBees for one day in February to this cause in the hope that we are able to raise $5,000 to help purchase three additional camels and outfit the Samburu warriors with the necessary gear and equipment required to conduct patrols.

Photo Credit: Grevy's Zebra Trust

So stay posted, spread the word, and get ready to Help Us Help You Help Change the World!