We are The Swarm

"The ancestor of every action is a thought."Ralph Waldo Emerson

And this is my thought.

Since I was a kid I’ve wanted to change the world. I wanted to know that through a choice I made or actions I took that somehow I made the world fundamentally different than what it was when I started. I wanted to believe that my life made a difference, that I made a positive impact on society.

And yet, on a day to day basis I see causes and concerns from around the world that require attention, that require help, and for the most part…. I do NOTHING. I look at my computer or phone, and I do NOTHING. Right now I hear story after story, whether it’s a national or international terrorist attack, a natural disaster, or even a local house fire.  I see tragic event after tragic event and I am deeply moved by the pain and heartbreak of others.  I follow at the edge of my seat, wanting desperately to do something about it. And yet I feel like a tiny bystander incapable of doing anything incapable of knowing exactly how to help, or even who to help.   I want to help, I just don’t know how to take the first step.


But there is one thing that I know exactly how to do, spend time on my phone. Whether it’s facebook, or twitter, a game, or some other social network, I can always find a spare moment of boredom to pull out my phone. But does that make me a bad person? I’d like to think not. Just because something is fun, entertaining, or socially stimulating doesn’t make it a bad thing (within reasons of course). And I hope just because I enjoy it and do it frequently that it wouldn’t make me or the act bad in and of itself.

And that’s when the thought came in. Could there be a way to get my feet off the ground, to be a more active citizen of the world, but through an activity that I already enjoyed and loved? What if I could log into a social network or play a game and somehow through that medium made an impact on society? Could I take my down time and turn that into something that changed the world?

The short answer is NO. If I did those things, nothing would come of it. Because I am just one person...but what if I got my friends and family to do it too? And what if they shared with their friends and family? What if we all did it. What if we all banded together to try to make a difference in the same way. I know alone I couldn’t play games on my phone and make an impact, but together I honestly believe we will be able to change the world.

And that is why I started Bee The Swarm, and exactly what this company is all about. We want to create a social network that changes lives, not just connects them. That not only connects us to the people we already know, but to the people we don’t know. To the people who may need our help, to causes worthy of our support and our attention. And we’re going to make the entire experience as entertaining and fun as possible. Our mission is to enable you to Play Games, Have Fun, and Do Good! We want you to play a video game and save the rainforest, cure cancer, help a refugee, or rebuild a school bombed by a terrorist attack. We want you to play our games and help change the world.

We are working hard to make this dream a reality, and can’t do it without your help. We are in the development stages as we speak and want you to stay posted on more details, exciting announcements, and everything else Bee The Swarm related. Change is coming, but we need your help, and we sincerely hope you join us.



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