The Art of Morbid Curiosity

If you have an affinity for the unusual, the The Morbid Anatomy Museum is a must-see. Featuring fascinating exhibits, lectures and events, The Morbid Anatomy Museum has found it's niche in the heart of Brooklyn. Bee The Swarm is honored to be hosting a campaign with The Morbid Anatomy Museum to help them make their amazing sold out lectures even better.About the Museum

The Morbid Anatomy Museum is a new institution in New York City’s cultural landscape, dedicated to the celebration and exhibition of art, artifacts, literature, histories and ideas which illuminate the often unseen relationships between art, culture, medicine, science, death and beauty. The Museum provides a place in a rapidly homogenizing New York City where one can celebrate curiosity, and learn about marginalized, forgotten histories and "that which falls between the cracks."

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During our first year based in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood, we have garnered the attention of the public and press for our exhibitions, publications, public events and educational workshops.

In addition to producing exhibitions on topics such magic, the spirit world, anatomical waxworks, and unusual collections, we also host sold-out lectures and workshops on arcane arts such as taxidermy, gothic culture, Victorian hair art, carnival side shows, alchemy, and pet cemeteries on a weekly basis and have received press in The New York Times, TheWall Street Journal, Wired, TimeOut NY, Brooklyn Magazine, The Guardian,Vice and many others. The Awl blog recently included us on a list of New York’s top museums.

House of Wax Exhibit

But we are doing all of this with a skeleton staff and on a shoe-string budget, as we are only now beginning eligible for foundation and government grants. The support of individual donors, like the Bee the Swarm community, is essential to our success.


Funding Request

Our weekly sold out lectures are among the most original and innovative in New York featuring many of the world’s most exciting scholars, writer, and artists, but only 75 people at a time can fit into our small lecture space. Our highly international audiences constantly ask if there is any way they can see these talks despite their distance from the museum. In order to make this happen, we need high quality camera equipment, and funds to pay a film editor for their time. We hope that the Bee the Swarm community will donate to help us reach or goal of $3,000, to purchase a camera and tripod and to pay the fee of an editor to edit and upload up to 15 events this calendar year. This would dramatically grow the reach of the Museum’s programming, allowing it to be enjoyed by audiences worldwide, and it would also provide a useful tool to attract foundation, corporate, and individual donors to support the Museum going forward.