SOS Africa

This is Kelebogile.

She is a 16-year-old student at Mafikeng High School in South Africa. Kelebogile is a very lucky young lady. Not only does she have a contagious smile, but she is very popular and incredibly bright. She loves to swim, loves to study english, and hopes to become a doctor after finishing her education.

Kelebogile is sponsored by SOS Africa, a UK-based nonprofit that focuses on ending poverty in Africa through education. You can read more about SOS Africa at their website, and can watch their inspiring charity video here.

SOS Africa believes that by proving a solid education, a few members of each village will be educated enough to get accepted and attend top colleges and universities from around the world. These students would then be likely to return to their village with invaluable experience and knowledge.

By the end of their education, these students will have the brains and willpower to do anything, and they will have the experience from back home to help guide them into subject areas that can make the most impact. Many will become doctors, teachers, scientists, and engineers. The types of jobs and careers that they would have otherwise never have been able to dream of will be within reach, thanks to the work of SOS Africa.

But Kelebogile and SOS Africa need our help. Kelebogile is currently unfunded for her last two years remaining in school. At Bee The Swarm, we intend to help you remedy this situation, all while playing a video game. Funding Kelebogile’s last two years of school will be one of the first campaigns launched through our “Play ZomBees Fund Charities” campaign.

We will be donating 100% of our game revenue for 3 days to raise funds to help Kelebogile finish her last two years of school and to help SOS Africa as they educate students and make real change in this world.

Stay posted on when you can support this amazing cause.