Should you Switch?


The Nintendo Switch has been available to consumers for a little over a year, and its already Nintendo’s fastest-selling game console. A pretty impressive feat when you consider the popularity of the Wii a few short years ago! But the Switch, like the Wii in its day, offers something entirely new to gamers! In a lot of ways, the Switch is like a smartphone specifically for games.  The interface is fast, simple, and user-friendly, and offers the convenience and accessibility that the Xbox 1 and PS4 can’t compete with.

These days, when encountering the lightest lag or any glitch, it feels as though you’ve been catapulted back in time.  Its 2018, shouldn’t computer systems simply read my mind by now? (I’m looking at you Elon). The Nintendo Switch is praised for its high-speed responsiveness and boot up/off times. You can easily carry one around with you wherever you’re traveling, allowing you the 24/7 ability to game whether you’re at home, on the train, a coffee shop, or even the beach.  

The best part about being involved in the gaming community is the exposure to the latest technologies.  The Switch is just another landmark in the timeline of the progression of video games, and surely not the last.  Companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are at the forefront of this technological development, and it will be exciting to see what the future of gaming has in store!

Logan Duginske