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"Brothers and sisters this is a picture taken today by my cousin not google. A lot of you may not believe the reason behind this fund raising. I will upload videos shortly for you to see for yourself. Please be selfless and think of the people in this month of giving back."

- Posted by Maftuna Mohammad on her

This week I am covering a campaign that recently popped up on the swarm feed, it's Relief for Kabul, being spearheaded by an amazingly ambitious member of the swarm, Maftuna.

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Maftuna will be traveling to Afghanistan in 2 weeks to help make even more of an impact.  Right now on the swarm feed she has passed the first milestone and is earning more support through bee donations by the hour.  

What is Relief for Kabul about and who's behind it?

I'm a 19-year-old student in City Tech College (NYC). I'm trying to raise money for the victims of war in Kabul, Afghanistan. The money that gets collected determines if a child will be able to eat tomorrow. I'm not saying this to imply that the country consists of hungry people that would like to be fed, I'm saying this because 3-year olds sleep on concrete cold streets mother and fatherless with only the passing people to rely on for survival (Look up "Relief for Kabul" on fb for photos I posted). 

Allhamdullilah the people who are reading this are most likely not in this situation. Brother's and sister's we need to share our wealth. So many people are rich but what is wealth when you are not rich in the heart? Afghanistan is already an extremely economically unstable country and the daily suicide bombings worsen the conditions of people living there. 

Once donations are raised inshallah, I will be withdrawing the funds personally and send the money to a victim (Haseeb Qaderi) that I have contact with who lives in Kabul through money gram and he will distribute the money directly to the people who need it most. He will record the money and food being distributed and I'll post photos and videos of how much this donation brought help through my Facebook page (Relief for Kabul) so stay updated by following my fb page. Please view the Relief for Kabul video which features one of the victims that we are raising the money for. From the video you can see how badly your donations are needed, even one dollar donated can mean that a child doesn't have to sleep hungry. 

Showing sympathy isn't enough to help the poor. This is why I'm doing this. To all my Muslim brothers and sisters, this is your opportunity to give back in this month of Ramadan and practice the teachings of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad SAW. Jazakallahu Khairan.


During this spotlight, I reached out to Maftuna here is our question and answer exchange.  Below are her responses to some of my questions.

Q & A

Q: It's interesting to know a little bit about the people behind the campaign so my first question would be tell me a little bit about yourself and things that you enjoy doing for hobbies? In a short response what would you say your campaign supports and how much of an impact have you had thus far using beetheswarm but then also outside of the swarm (I know you are very involved and doing many great things, time to brag here :)!)


A: Hi. Thank you that’s great and appreciated. 

I’m a 19 year old student in NYC. The crises in Syria, Palestine, Yemen and All parts of the world made me realize how much humanitarian aid is needed. This is when I decided to focus my studies in International affairs and dedicate my career to helping refugees, and war victims over seas. I enjoy writing poetry and watching informative movies as my hobby. My campaign is about me providing the most help I could during my one month stay in Kabul, Afghanistan. My campaign supports the welfare of orphans and war victims of Kabul and provides essential supplies like food and clothing for the children to get through the winter. Beetheswarm has been helpful in terms of engaging my friends to support my campaign but also do it in a fun way. I’ve reached 71% of the 100% goal through inviting friends and playing the addictive  bugs crush game.


Q: How many times a day do you pick up your phone?


A: Aside from the game, I try to raise money by promoting my campaign in my social networks and get it to reach as many people as possible to encourage donating.  My biggest pet peeve is chewing loudly and inconsiderately 🤨. I pick up my phone roughly 848375 times a day. I use it to check Instagram posts, messenger, text messsages, Snapchat.. and soo on!  I play bee the swarm game because I love the concept of it and how it allows you to have fun while putting your time into good use.


A: Describe what a "day in your shoes" would look like.


Q: A day in my shoes consists of sleeping at 4 a.m, waking up at 12, checking my phone, responding to messages, and then figuring out how to not waste a day and do something productive. This varies depending on if during college semester or my break.

Check out her campaign here ( to start donating bees right now.  

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