Raising money the fun way

Maisha Arts Development is a Non Profit Organization founded by a Tanzanian James Frank Natai who has always had a passion of starting an organization which will empower and help disadvantaged people in his community through arts and life develop. He understands and knows life circumstances of youth and adults within the community himself.

Gaming for good is expanding across the ocean and reaching to Africa.  This weeks spot campaign is in support for Tanzanian education.  Raising money the fun way is going to directly help the people featured in the video above.  The introduction song is pretty awesome too!

M.A.D has a vision of having a healthy, educated and mentally liberalization society. Social economic support to reduce poverty and become independent through different sustainable projects and ensure positive changes in the society


James (the founder) is like a normal Tanzanian youth who has passion for music as he is a good singer and actor but really struggled to find his way up to the top due to poverty and lack of support that he missed when he was growing up.
His goal is to encourage creativity, individuality, and independence. To create an environment filled with love, patience and kindness.  The aim of Maisha Arts Development is to act like a bridge connecting people who want to collaborate with the local institutions as orphanages, schools and so on through different arts activities like Music, Drama Acting, Drawing, Painting, sculpture and make the world a living art through their talents. 

He is a true hero and organizations/campaigns like this on are the reason I am a swarmer.

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