Pac-man Paving The Way

Pac-man popped into the mind of creator Toru Iwatani as he was eating pizza one lazy afternoon.  It was developed by Namco, and first released in Japan in May 1980. Considered an icon of the video game medium, Pac-man has become a household name for most, making its way from the hands of those who first played its original version in an arcade somewhere, to those who are generations younger, still enjoying the same game today.


An original of its time, Pac-man paved the way for a new style of gaming referred to as the “stealth” genre.  Instead of trying to kill your enemies, you had to outrun them. A simple concept used as the foundation for many games to follow, including that of Grand Theft Auto games, where the premise is to avoid and outrun the police. Pac-man was also created with the intention of attracting more female gamers. It was the first of its time to find any success.

It’s amazing to see how games influence culture and inspire new games as well. Recently, there has been an interest in using video games as a way to help raise money for charities. Companies and organizations new and old are dedicating their time to “gaming for good”, each with a rendition of their own for raising funds. There are online gaming campaigns, weekend long game-a-thons, and mobile apps like Bee The Swarm that allow you to raise money for charity by simply playing fun, addicting games on your phone!

Logan Duginske