Oaks United, Inc

Oaks United, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides charitable relief to individuals in the Oak Hill Area.  Their first endeavor is the Growing Oaks Food Program, which provides food assistance to Oak Hill Elementary kids in need.


This past week they packed and distributed over 200 food bags, 2400 frozen dinners, 400 bags of pizza rolls, and 600 boxes of cereal.


No One Can Thrive on an Empty Stomach

41 million people face hunger in the U.S. today — including nearly 13 million children and more than five million seniors. Hunger knows no boundaries — it touches every community in the U.S., including your own.


Who goes hungry?

Hunger can affect people from all walks of life. Many Americans are one job loss or medical crisis away from food insecurity – but some people, including children and seniors, may be at greater risk of hunger than others. 

Hunger and child development

For children, food insecurity is particularly devastating. Not having enough healthy food can have serious implications for a child’s physical and mental health, academic achievement and future economic prosperity. Research shows an association between food insecurity and delayed development in young children; risk of chronic illnesses like asthma and anemia; and behavioral problems like hyperactivity, anxiety and aggression in school-age children.

Compromises and coping strategies

The median annual income for households served by the Feeding America network is $9,175. In our 2014 Hunger in America study, the people we serve told us about the choices they face due to limited resources:


Oaks United was picked as the Festival of Flags 2018 Parade.

The Festival of Flags Committee has announced that the Oaks United organization, who administer the Growing Oaks food program, have been chosen as this year’s Grand Marshal for the festival’s annual parade on Sun., May 27, 2018, at 4 p.m.

“They and their faithful volunteers provide a valuable and much needed service to approximately 300 children in the Oak Hill School District,” explained Joyce McClurg, president of the Festival of Flags committee. “They donate their time and talents to help ensure that children in need are supplied with non- perishable food items during periods of time when school is not in session. The Village of Oak Hill as well as businesses throughout Jackson County have been supportive of this program,” McClurg said.

“The Festival of Flags committee is pleased to honor them in this way,” McClurg added.

This is a great way for them to spread the word about the amazing things they are doing.  It happened earlier this summer and we are excited that they are continuing to make a huge impact on their local community.


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