World Cup of Soccer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve probably heard something about the World Cup of football taking place in Russia.  This is one of the largest global events to exist, and the patriotism of fans, and deep rivalries between countries with tangled history drives the competition of the game to another level. People all over the world are passionately rooting for their country to take home the Cup, and idolizing the players as if they were heroes of their nation.  

“Heroic” as they may be on field, the true shining moments happen after the final buzzer sounds. Many of the athletes competing in the World Cup are philanthropists and advocates of charities close to them.  For example, many players choose to donate the earnings they receive during the games to charity-as to uphold the priceless honor of representing their country. The England team, in fact, has been donating their fees to charity for the last 10 years!

These players are fortunate enough to be able to raise money while doing something they love, but donating to charity and raising money doesn’t have to be difficult! A new wave of mobile apps and online gaming competitions are redefining what it means to give to charity. For Example, Bee The Swarm is a “gaming for good” app that turns revenue from ads into virtual revenue, earned by users by simply playing games.  The player can then donate their funds to the charity of their choice!

Logan Duginske