Helping Kids, One Printer at a Time


At Bee the Swarm we are all about solving problems using the power of a large group of users. But all around the world there are examples of a small group of super heroes, YES SUPER HEROES, who solve seemingly impossible problems using hard work and creativity. One organization, Enable Community Foundation, or more commonly known as e-NABLE, does exactly that.

What started out as one man producing one fabricated hand for someone he never knew has grown into a community of 7,000 volunteers working together to develop and distribute over 2,000 devices. What e-NABLE does is allows anyone with a 3D printer, or any volunteer that just wants to help to join their network and begin changing lives. They encourage anyone who needs a fabricated hand to contact e-NABLE and then get matched with the closest volunteer in order to 3D print a custom device.


Many of the devices that e-NABLE helps fabricate goes to children, much like those pictured above. Through the help of e-NABLE, these super kids use their super hands to do everything from handle cups, to mountain biking, and even play the trumpet.

At Bee The Swarm, we think e-NABLE is so incredible that we want to do our best to help. In a little over a month we will be launching a campaign to help fund some of the busiest 3D printers in e-NABLE's network. Each and every 3D printed prosthetic takes over 5 hours to make and costs a minimum of $35. $35 may not seem like much, but e-NABLE is talking thousands of devices. Most of that money is covered by volunteers, the same volunteers who rise to the occasion to also donate their time and their 3D printing equipment. We want to change that. We will be launching a campaign to pay for the material cost for as many devices as we possible can. And we need your help.

Our launch is coming soon and we can’t wait to be a part of this campaign. Remember to checkout e-NABLE’s Facebook, Twitter, and website! And to donate directly or volunteer if you feel inspired by there cause.

If you are interested in working with e-NABLE, fill out their application here.