HEAL Charity


HEAL Charity is a UK registered Non-Profit organization aimed at providing health and education for all Indian children by 2020. Founded in 1992, HEAL Charity currently provides children support via Shelters, Education, and Healthcare services in various locations around India. By using a completely volunteer staff, HEAL charity is able to make sure that 100% of your donations go to services.

With fundraising programs based out of the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, Heal Charity is working diligently to be able to provide a variety of services to the underprivileged communities of India. Although India in recent years has seen an economic upswing, the prosperity of that new found wealth still has not been felt by the working families and smaller communities throughout the country. Heal Charity aims to make sure that these children in these communities are able to stay competitive and have a better life.


Currently, HEAL has projects and offering services in Guntur, Thotapalli, Andrha Pradesh, and Telangana, India. It’s most ambitious project, HEAL Paradise, and was recently opened last year. HEAL Paradise is an eco-friendly 1000+ children’s village that provides housing and basic education program for orphaned or under-privileged children.


One of the most notable aspects of HEAL Charities projects is its Poverty Trap programming. Primarily an education focus, this programming model focuses on providing services and educational tools helping children break the poverty cycle. They do this by funding teaching staff, uniforms, books and equipment through their child sponsor donation packages. Just one of many ways to directly donate to the project.

Poverty in India

Access to education is one of the largest barriers to child success in India. According to the MV Foundation’s findings, up to 4 million school aged children are not regularly attending classes in India and many school programs are facing a lack of access to teachers and resources.

Because of extreme poverty situations, over half of children drop out of school before graduation. Some as young as 6 year olds are already starting hard labor jobs to support themselves and their families.

Access to education is important as ever and over the course of the next 5 years, HEAL’s goal is to provide access to educational resources for 10,000 children. They are helping make an impact in India.

Cycle India 2016

HEAL’s main recurring charity and fundraising event is a biennial bike ride through India. This team based ride traverses through the many different Indian territories and gives you a beautiful view and sense of the world that HEAL’s programs contribute to.

Cycle India has raised over (r) 250,000 for its programs. 2016 will be the fifth cycle of the ride. It really is an amazing way to help the charity, experience India and get yourself fit.

You can learn more about the project and register yourself or a team here.


How You Can Help

There are many ways to help HEAL Charity.

The easiest way is to connect with them online via Facebook or twitter.

You can also Sponsor a child, leave a legacy donation, or volunteer in India at one of their many sites.

At a corporate level, why not think about becoming a corporate sponsor or part of Cycle India 2016.

And soon, you can play a video game, have fun, and fund HEAL's efforts with Bee The Swarm! We will be running a campaign in the near future, with 100% of the revenue from ZomBees going to promote HEAL's mission of taking children out of poverty, and giving them hope! Stay tuned for more information!