The Story Behind Hallpass

Hallpass was created by Kirsten and Matthew Toth, Haley Rose, and Aaron Toth in response to the ongoing problem with violence in schools. After being witness to, and even involved in, discussion after discussion and debate after debate about what can be done to make things better... it occurred to them that maybe the solution is two-fold.  They recently signed up on the swarm feed and need your bees!


While many hardworking groups are dealing with political reform, Hallpass strives to remain bipartisan and nonpolitical. We believe that regardless of political affiliation, nobody can dispute that improved safety for kids and staff in school is a good goal. In this aspect, we can work together and improve our community regardless of any action taken in the political realm.


We are founded on a strong system of three pillars: research, community, and outreach. Further, our goals are three-tiered: physical, technical, and operational safeguards for our schools. Through a strong foundation of beliefs and a strong ceiling of aspirations, we believe that we can be incredibly successful in reaching our collective goals, and then some.


We look forward to working alongside the motivated and passionate members of our communities toward these common goals. Please visit our website to follow links to donate and/or volunteer, or to learn more about us.

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