Extralife United 2018

Gamers from all over are taking the world by storm and giving back to those who need it most. 

Through Extra Life, tens of thousands of gamers have raised over $40 million for sick & injured kids treated at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  It is quiet the amazing organization and the conference is the pinnacle for the users.


Gamers are saving lives! And you can too. Beetheswarm has been used to support Extra life campaigns since we started. And our games can be played anywhere at anytime to earn bees and cash out to your campaign. If you’re traveling to the conference next week, download some of your favorite beetheswarm games to play on your way and make the car ride or the airport more enjoyable...

Don’t forget to hashtag beetheswarm in your posts and tell us how bee the swarm has helped you meet your fundraising goals for your children's miracle network hospital. we are excited to see you there!

Here is a recap of some of the things people are going to be participating in.  Extralifers are going to be able to level up their fundraising skills and learn from other charity gamers, influencers, hospital program directors and even the kids they help through gaming by attending informative panel discussions and interactive workshops.


They are going to be taking part in a gaming tournament to unlock a portion of a $150,000 prize pool for your local CMN Hospital! In the spirit of Extra Life, the tournament will feature both video and tabletop games to choose from with over 12 hours of gameplay. Tournament details will be finalized in mid-January. 


Twitch will once again host the official Extra Life United broadcast, featuring game play, interviews and more! #bleedpurple.  Children's hospitals rely on donations to provide care for kids - no matter their illnesses or injuries. Extra Life United takes place in conjunction with Children's Hospitals Week, where we'll come together to elevate the cause of children's hospitals and the amazing work they do to save lives! Reconnect with old friends and make new ones! Take time to get to know your fellow charity gamers with ample time to hang out and interact. Friendship #FTW!

Meet the 2018 National Champions from the U.S. and Canada in this time-honored tradition. You're invited to bring pins or other memorabilia for Champions in exchange for a photo. All are invited to come interact with the inspiring kids we serve. Challenge stations will be set up throughout the event so you always have a place to play games and enter mini-tournaments to unlock donations for your CMN Hospital!


You will not want to miss this opportunity. A professional camera crew will be on-site, filming why YOU participate in Extra Life to play games, heal kids. Share this video with your donors, friends and family to help show the importance of supporting CMN Hospitals.  If you get a chance mention beetheswarm to people that want to up their fund raising skills!

Want to earn extra bees?  Tag BTS in your social media posts

For every time you tag beetheswarm in a social media post we are going to be giving away 5 bees to your account, simply @beetheswarm when you are posting to facebook to include us in your post, or use #beetheswarm on twitter.  When we receive a notification we will reach out and give you your earned bees!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and we look forward to helping out with fundraising and doing it #forthekids.


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