Ever want to quit Facebook?


Social media is everywhere today. People around the world are turning to Facebook to connect with their friends, family members and co-workers, but is it really in your best interest to do so? Studies have shown that Facebook leads to anxiety and depression. While you might not realize just how much of an impact your social media addiction has on you, it is truly overwhelming. How could social media possibly cause depression and anxiety?

If you are sitting there and thinking that doesn’t make any sense, why would social media cause me to be depressed or anxious, the answer is actually quite simple. What is one of the things you do on social media? You look at pictures that your buddies posted. Imagine seeing a ton of pictures of your good friend on her trip to the Bahamas while you were stuck having to work seven days per week just to make ends meet. That can definitely cause an individual to feel depressed. That depression causes you to feel anxious and start questioning everything you do in life.

Many people have deep-rooted feelings of perfectionism. They want everything to be just right. How can that possibly happen when your friend gets to do all of the things you want while you are stuck having to suck it up at your job?

Numbers matter more than you realize.

You subconsciously compare yourself to all of your friends on social media without even realizing it. for example, teenagers are focused on the sheer number of friends they have on social media. It doesn’t matter if those people are good, decent, caring people or not. It is all about the numbers. If Sally has 5,000 people following her that she only knows 10 of them and Jimmy has 2,000 people that he knows and enjoys talking with, Sally will think she is doing better than Jimmy. It all boils down to the number for teens. Not having as many friends on social media can make them think negatively of themselves. They start to feel as if they are inadequate or not as cool as everyone else.

You feel like you missed out on something.

Another type of anxiety triggered by social media is being afraid that you are missing out on something. Imagine seeing a picture of this huge party where a lot of your friends were invited and you weren’t. You are going to start feeling anxious and wondering why you weren’t included. Perhaps you were invited but your work schedule prevented you from being able to attend the party like you wanted. All of those things can end up taking their toll on your self-confidence and making you feel embarrassed and ashamed that you didn’t get to do the same things as your peers.


Turn your thinking around. Where Games for Charity comes in.

Instead of feeling like you missed out on something or that you aren’t as cool as everyone else, do something positive with your social media presence. Playing games for charity is a great way to give back and focus your attention on something more meaningful and enjoyable. With Bee the Swarm’s games for charity, you can fund a charity as you play the game. Bee The Swarm's first Games for Charity game ZomBees will be available on the iOS and Android app stores in the first part of February.

Now, you can do your part to find a cure for cancer, build a school, save the rainforest and even help a family recover from a devastating house fire. Just think about all of the good you would be doing by playing a game online. Kiss your anxiety and depression goodbye and focus on a cause that means something to so many people. Contact us for more information on how you can help.