E-Sports Competition

When you think of watching a competition, what comes to mind? Are you sitting on a padded fold-out chair on the floor of the court at a basketball game? In the nosebleeds of a stadium eating a hotdog and watching baseball? Or are you sitting in an arena, watching the jumbo screens display online gaming, and cheering on the players as their fingers fly with fury around their controllers?  For most people, they would never even dream up the latter, and yet, a new realm of competitive gaming is on the rise, and it’s called E-Sports.

There are tournaments all around the world, and the stakes are high.  Some winners walk away with payouts into the six figures, and major stadiums are filling up with eager fans, ready to watch the events unfold! The best part-there are hundreds of these gaming competitions that are geared around raising money for charity. “Gaming for good” as its referred to, is a new trend in the world of competitive video game playing that connects people from all over the world and allows them to do something they love to raise money for something they love.

Another great thing about this gaming for good trend is that it’s not just for your typical video game player. If you don’t consider yourself a serious gamer, don’t worry.  There are plenty of options of game play that don’t require vigorous competition in a fan filled arena! One of the best and easiest to use is Bee The Swarm. This mobile app gives revenue from advertisements back to its players in the form of a special, app-exclusive virtual currency that can then be donated to charities of the players choice!

Logan Duginske