Canadian Feed the Children

Major factors in breaking the cycle of poverty include having a secure source of food, access to quality education and acquiring the skills and opportunity to earn an income. Canadian Feed The Children (CFTC), works to address the barriers that children and families living in poverty face every day. They work with local partners in First Nation communities across Canada, as well as internationally in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda to provide necessary supports and help individuals and communities achieve long-lasting solutions, with a focus on food security and education.


In Canada, CFTC supports school and community programs in First Nation communities through school meal programs, nutrition education as well as school and community gardens. They provide healthy food to children who otherwise would not receive it, integrate lessons about healthy eating into the school day, as well as improve access to nutritious food by working with children and community members to develop sustainable solutions.

Canada Kids

Internationally, CFTC works with local partners to improve food security and education for children, their families and communities. Children attend safe schools with latrines, trained teachers and school food programs; parents are given opportunities through agricultural and alternative incomes to lift their families out of poverty; and communities become stronger, equitable and more food secure.


From providing necessary meals to keep children healthy and attending school, to supporting parents to become more resilient, CFTC is working to create a world where children can thrive free from poverty.

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