Best Fundraising Websites

When it comes to online fundraising you have options.

A lot of options!

  • YouCaring. Platform fee: $0. ...
  • GoFundMe. Platform fee: 0% platform fee in the US, UK, and Canada and 5% in all other countries.
  • Indiegogo. Platform fee: 9% of funds raised; if you reach your goal, Indiegogo refunds 5% ...
  • CrowdRise. ...
  • Fundly.

All of these sites require a user to ask/promote/beg people to use their own money to donate.  I have donated to causes before but have found my self not donating to anything in the past year.  Since I started running campaigns on BeeTheSwarm I found that I was able to alleviate that stress and rely on people to earn bees and donate them to campaigns resulting in hard earned cash.

I have been running my campaign for the Muscular Dystrophy Walk and noticed this morning that with 3 posts on the swarm feed, totaling 2 minutes of work, our team as already gotten to 26% in the past 2 days.  

Rock on!

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