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There's more than one way to serve. The American Legion Knebel Post 83 Family in Austin, Texas is on our network and making a difference

1 bee at a time.

This week, Donny posted up his campaign on the swarm feed.  It caught my eye because it was the first one related to an the american legion.  Donny shared with me that the organization is doing amazing work with their local community in Austin and helping veterans and military service members. After checking out their website, it looks like they like to have fun while doing it too.


At their Christmas Party, a gift hand out for local Children.

When they aren't playing live music for a fundraiser, or giving out presents to children, you can find Donny making a run to the local food shelter to donate large amounts of food to help those in need. 


Over the past month our active campaigns on the swarm feed have more than doubled.   This is awesome news because it is evidence that we are spreading and reaching more and more people with our network.   

I asked Donny to answer a few questions to share for this blog post.

Q. If you had three wishes what would they be (you cannot ask for more wishes)

A. Cure for cancer, End war (been there done it and there are no winners), Create a sustainable food and water source for every living being on Earth. 

Q. Do you ever feel like your wasting your time?

A. Not particularly. Every thing you do in a day you absorb knowledge and some sort of skill. If you truly feel that you time has been wasted than you have not taken that time to learn anything. 

Q. What are some of the things you do on your phone?

A. I use my phone for an array of things. Alot of people don't realize that this device is one of the most powerful pieces of technology in the world. You can learn just about anything from it, control almost anything, run a business from it, and create new technology from it. I use it to learn, run a business and a charity, and of course to play games. I find it really awesome that playing games can help out charities. Something that almost everyone uses their phone for. Now people can get involved in ways they couldn't before. It's truly an amazing concept. 

Q. So why do you play video games?

A. I originally started playing video games to pass the time and they were fun, just like most people. It was challenging. Then back in 2011 I was hit by an IED in Iraq. I found that alot of video games helped me retrain my memory and hand eye coordination. They were also a way for me to escape when I was in a stressful environment such as a restaurant or crowd. It gave me something to focus on. To this day I still use them to retreat during extremely stressful environments, but I'm mainly back to playing them for fun. It was until recently that I found them for charity. And now I'm starting to use them to give back. 

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